Food delivery … to your door!

Coming to Kapiti very soon – in the next week or two!

Hanging out for some tasty kai?


Kapiti Eats will delivery to your door from some of Kapiti’s best restaurants and takeaways. Beat the Level 3 and Level 2 blues; enjoy some food, keep everyone happy.


Ask your favourite eating place if they can give you Kapiti Eats, or check back soon when we’ve opened and there will be a list of food outlets here for you to try something new.


We love Kapiti food and we can’t wait to start bringing it to you.

Got a restaurant or takeaway and looking for an easy way to deliver?


Kapiti Eats will take your lovely food to your lovely customers. Without breaking the bank.


Much easier and less hassle than trying to deliver food yourself. Stick to what you do best (cooking awesome food) and get us to do the delivery bit. You only pay per use, so you don’t need to have cars and drivers hanging around.


Get in touch NOW to secure your spot. Our services will be limited at start up.

Got some wheels, a clean full licence and keen to earn some money?


We’re looking for trustworthy and reliable people to be a part of our delivery team.

Please get in touch.


3 + 4 =